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Fishing Tips

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Knowing how to fish Lake Fork is important to catch more bass. Different lures and techniques work great throughout the year. When it comes to selection, there are so many lures available it can make it hard to decide on what to use on Lake Fork. The proper lure type, color, size, and methods of retrieval can often make your day or break your heart. These Lake Fork bass fishing tips and a great guided trip by Stephen will help you catch more bass.

Carolina Rig Fishing Tips   (top)

Shallow Carolina Rig (1-15 feet deep)
  • Use 1-3 foot leader, ¼ to ½ oz weight 17-25 lb main line, 14 lb leader line
  • Best during spring season when bass are shallow
  • Best baits include plastic lizards and ringfrys
  • Use green pumpkin, watermelon red, or junebug colors
  • Cast around shallow points, submerged grass lines, and shallow timber
Deep Carolina Rig (15-30 feet deep)
  • Use 3-6 foot leader, ½ to 1 oz weight 20-25 lb main line, 14 lb leader line
  • Best during late spring to late summer
  • Best baits include 10 inch powerworms, zoom trickworms, and ringfrys
  • Use watermelon, watermelon red, or black blue flake colors
  • Fish carolina rig on offshore humps, roadbeds, and creek channels

Crankbait Fishing Tips   (top)

Shallow Crankbaits (1-7 feet deep)
  • Any shad or chartruse color is best
  • Use red crankbaits in early spring
  • Fish around grass and timber
  • Shallow crankbaits are a great year round lure
  • Use 10 to 14 lb flouracarbon line
  • I use Bandit 100-300 Series and Lucky Craft RC 1.5
Deep Crankbaits (7-15 feet deep)
  • Any shad or white color is best
  • Fish on submerged humps, ledges, and roadbeds
  • Best during summer fishing months
  • Use 10 to 12 lb flouracarbon line
  • Make long casts to achieve maximum depth
  • I use Norman DD-22 and Rapala DT-16

Rattel Traps
  • ¼ oz for 1-3 feet deep
  • ½ oz for 3-6 feet deep
  • ¾ oz for 6-9 feet deep or windy days
  • Use red rattel traps in the spring time on Lake Fork
  • Try fast retreive and slow retrieve
  • Rip bait through grass to trigger reaction strikes
  • Use 12 to 14 lb flouracarbon line

Finesse Fishing Tips   (top)

Drop Shot
  • Good for deep and shallow fishing
  • Best during summer and fall months
  • Use 6-10 lb line
  • Fish small worms in green pumpkin or watermelon red
  • ¼ oz to 3/8 oz dropshot weights work best
  • Use 1-3 feet between bait and weight
Shakey Head
  • A great finesse technique year round
  • 5-25 feet deep, submerged points, humps, and roadbeds
  • Use 7 foot medium action spinning rod
  • 8 lb flouracarbon line works best
  • Use 5 in finesse worms on 1/16 to ¼ oz jigheads
  • Watermelon or watermelon red colors work best
  • Work bait slowly around timber and rocks

Jig Fishing Tips   (top)

Shallow Jig
  • One of the best big bass techniques in early spring on Lake Fork
  • Flip or pitch a jig to stumps and submerged grass lines
  • Fish points and stumps lining creek channels on shallow flats 2-10 feet deep
  • Use 7 ½ foot rod and 25 lb flouracarbon line
  • ¼ to ½ oz jigs in black and blue color work best

Deep Jig
  • Drag and hop a football jig across submerged structure
  • May to September are most productive months for a deep jig
  • Fish submerged points, humps, roadbeds, and ledges 10-30 feet deep
  • Use 7 foot heavy action rod and 20 lb flouracarbon line
  • ½ to ¾ oz football jigs in green shades work best

Jerkbait Fishing Tips   (top)

Soft Plastic Jerkbait
  • A weightless soft plastic jerkbait is a great spring time lure
  • Slowly fish these baits around shallow spawning pockets
  • Areas with grass and timber are most productive
  • Use 6 ½ to 7 feet medium heavy rods
  • Fish this lure 1-5 feet deep
  • Yamamoto senkos and zoom super flukes in green colors are best

Hard Jerkbait
  • One of the best baits for cold water bass fishing
  • Fish bait with series of jerks and pauses
  • December to March are great months for this technique
  • Fish around shallow points and grass flats 4-8 feet deep
  • Cast on 6 ½ foot medium action spinning rod and use 10 lb line
  • I use Rapala X-Rap or Lucky Craft Pointer 100 in shad colors

Spinnerbait Fishing Tips   (top)

Shallow Spinnerbait
  • 1-5 feet deep around grassbeds and lily pads
  • Alternate between a fast and slow retreive
  • Throw on 7 foot medium action rod
  • ¼ to ½ oz white or white/chartruse colors

Deep Spinnerbait
  • 15-30 feet deep on submerged points, humps, and roadbeds
  • A slow retreive just above the bottom works best
  • A great Lake Fork technique for catching bass in the fall
  • Use a 7 foot medium heavy rod and at least 15 lb line
  • 1 to 1 ½ white or shad colored spinnerbaits

Spoon Fishing Tips   (top)

Small Spoons
  • A small spoon will convince stubborn bass to bite
  • Lift and repeatedly hop a small spoon off the bottom
  • A small spoon works great in the fall and winter here at Lake Fork
  • Fish submerged structure at 15 to 30 feet deep
  • Use a 6 ½ medium heavy rod and 14 lb line
  • ½ to ¾ oz sliver, white, or gold spoons work best

Large Spoons
  • A large oversized spoon can produce some of the hottest Lake Fork bass fishing
  • Hop or sweep these spoons off the bottom
  • Oversized spoons are great for catching bass in the summer
  • Fish long points, humps, and roadbeds at 15 to 30 foot depths
  • Use a 7 foot medium heavy rod and 4 to 6 inch chrome spoons

Swimbait Fishing Tips   (top)

Shallow Swimbait
  • Swimbaits are a great big bass alternative to spinnerbaits
  • These baits work best with a slow steady retreive
  • Whenever bass are shallow, these baits will catch fish
  • Fish 1 to 5 foot deep grass and timber mixed flats
  • Use a 7 to 7 ½ foot heavy action rod for best hooksets
  • Shad colored Berkley hollow body swimbaits and a ¼ oz weighted hook

Deep Swimbait
  • A deep swimbait is one of the best lures to use for trophy largemouth bass
  • A stop and go retreive just above the bottom works best
  • Deep swimbaits are most productive from May to October
  • Fish on main lake points, humps, ledges, and roadbeds 15 to 30 feet deep
  • 4 to 6 inch Berkley heavy swimbaits work best
  • The deep swimbait will help you find the best areas to fish on Lake Fork

Topwater Fishing Tips   (top)

  • Best during dawn, dusk, and cloudy days
  • Slowly twitch bait with 2-10 second pauses
  • The postspawn is a great time to use a pop-r
  • Cast on a 6 ½ foot medium action rod and 12 lb line

  • Sunny summer days are great for a plastic frog over heavy cover
  • Fish in 1 to 5 foot deep and around grass and lily pads
  • Pads near main lake points are usually best
  • Use a 7 ½ foot rod and 40 to 80 lb braided line

  • 3/8 to ½ oz white or chartruese buzzbaits
  • Big bass love buzzbaits over shallow grass year round
  • A steady fast retreive allows this bait to cover lots of water
  • A 7 foot medium heavy action rod and 17 lb monofiliment line is best

Zara Spook
  • Great for catching schooling bass in the fall
  • Twitch the bait on semi slack line to walk bait across water
  • A zara spook is the best topwater choice in clear water
  • A 6 ½ foot rod and 10 to 12 lb line allows the best action of the bait

Worm Fishing Tips   (top)

Wacky Worm
  • A great bait when bass are spawning
  • Fish this bait in 1 to 5 foot of water and around submerged grass
  • Twitch worm slowly to get stubborn bass to bite
  • Use a 7 inch zoom trick worm in a green pumpkin or watermelon color
  • Small dropshot hooks and nail shaped worm weights should be used

Texas Rig Worm
  • Can be fished in shallow and deep water
  • Drag and hop the worm over submerged grass and timber
  • Use ¼ to ¾ oz bullet weight, and 4/0 to 5/0 offset worm hooks
  • A 10 inch worm in dark colors usually works best
  • 7 foot medium heavy rods and 17 lb line is recommended

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